Ecohubs: Pioneering Sustainable Living and Community Innovation

The Ecohub Model: Bridging Online and Offline Worlds

Online Community and Planning:
Our online platform serves as the digital heart of EcolinkDAO, bringing together individuals, groups, and organizations dedicated to sustainable living. Here, community members can:

  • Share Information: Access a wealth of resources, including educational content, sustainable products, and service directories.
  • Collaborate and Plan: Engage in forums, discussion groups, and collaborative tools to plan and execute sustainability projects.
  • Learn and Grow: Participate in webinars, online courses, and workshops to deepen their knowledge and apply sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Offline Implementation:
Our flagship project, EcohubBaoville, exemplifies sustainable living in action. This real-world ecohub is more than just a location; it’s a living example of our commitment to sustainability. At EcohubBaoville, we:

  • Develop Sustainable Infrastructure: Utilize eco-friendly construction methods and materials to create a model for future ecohubs.
  • Foster Community Innovation: Encourage residents and visitors to contribute ideas and solutions for sustainable living.
  • Showcase Real-World Impact: Demonstrate the tangible benefits of sustainable practices through measurable outcomes and community engagement.

Our Story

At EcohubBaoville, we are redefining the way we live and build together by creating a vibrant community focused on sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. Our mission is to develop an eco-friendly living environment that not only minimizes our carbon footprint but also fosters a sense of community and shared purpose.

have long been part of the Ecosystem and are protected through the Arabu National Sokoke Reserve
Fruits & Veggies found at the Local Market
The Indian Ocean
Re - Planting Indigenous Trees and Plants
Baoville offers an immersive experience like no other.

Pioneering Sustainable Living and Community Innovation

Baoville Ecohub

Baoville; Some Initiatives and Proposals are: • Treehouses • Natural Swimming Pond • Eco Domes • Ecohub Education on Cottage Industry • Open craft labs for Digital Nomads

Nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of Chumani, Baoville stands as a beacon of sustainable living and community harmony. From its humble origins as a 16-hectare farm to its blossoming into a holistic haven, Baoville offers an immersive experience like no other. Settle into the rhythm of rural life as you wander through lush gardens teeming with vibrant flora and fauna.
Engage in hands-on experiences, from gardening and sustainable farming to eco-friendly construction projects.


The basic Element for Sustaining Life.


A nursery for Local Plants

Solar Dryer

Our next grand Proposal for the Community.


Water Well
Digging for Water was no easy treat we had to go our very the limits to make it happen...
Exhausting Heat and Tough Conditions
Cutting through tough coral stone was a challenge, our Stone Saw kept breaking and we were making small progress
The Locals where came to offer us their support and prayers.
Constructing a Hut; using natural resources.
Humble Beginnings
Diging for Water
The Locals
Understanding the need of having Water for Farming and offered their supportive prayers..
Natural Construction
The Land had become so Desserted that the Well was really need
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